Zane's Game Hub

What is this website? What are you doing here?? Well, I can only answer the first question. Here, I plan to post all sorts of unique game content! In particular, I have been following the habits series by Chessbrah, and I think this is one of the most fun and educational chess series I've ever seen. So, I plan to put puzzles/lessons on this website that can help reinforce this strategy of learning across many different games. This is mainly intended for personal use, but I hope others (like you) will find this equally helpful and fun.

Overwatch Content

Following Chessbrah's habits series, I am embarking upon my own journey learning Moira in Overwatch 2. I am trying to stick to a set of rules to follow. Here is a link to the first set of rules I am using for starting out!

Connect-4 Content

Coming soon!

I have a version of Connect-4 puzzles that run locally on my laptop in Python. The basic idea is they are similar to Mate in X puzzles for chess, but for Connect 4! I am planning to post them on this website soon.

I also previously made a bot for playing Connect 4 (link to my submission to the Connect X Kaggle competition). So, I may provide an option to play with the bot too. I think the puzzles are higher priority though.

Chess Content

Click here for the rooks puzzle

Click here for an empty chess board to play on